September Break 2017

After all the running around we have done so far this year, the car went in for a well earned service. I had heard a weird noise, like wind blowing through a pipe, for many months but paid little attention. When we investigated this during the service it turns out we had driven for over 6 months (including around France) with a very knackered prop shaft.

As a result, we did no trips in either Land Rover in September. We did nip to London once, but took the Nissan, so it doesn’t count! Erin did manage to meet Miranda Hart and get an autograph during that trip, but it still doesn’t count towards the Land Rover adventures. The Y reg Freelander was back on the road at the end of September and we took it for a quick spin to Mount St Bernards Monastery and Swithland Woods. We are now waiting on getting the clutch fixed on the 54 plate.