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Join us on our epic adventures, and follow the action here as we explore the UK, and beyond, in our Land Rovers. This should more accurately read 'Land Rover' - singular - as we are currently down to just the old Mark 1 Freelander TD4, having sold the Discovery Sport. A new(ish) vehicle was acquired in 2022 - a Ford Transit Van! Whilst we wait for yet another repair on the Freelander, it is the Van Life for us. I will put a Van Life page up here just for fun, as an interim measure. We are still Blogging as we go and can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
In the Summer of 2021 we embarked on a trip around Scotland that was monumental both in size and in relevance to our lives. Full details can be found under our Scotland 2021 Blog category and I would ask everyone passing through this website to read about what was an incredible trip.

Keep your eye out for some new YouTube content that we are currently putting together. We are also about to start partaking in some Geocaching fun, by way of something new to try! Final bit of news is that we now use a lot of kit from Ford & Field (www.fordandfield.co.uk), and would encourage you to take a look at their website.

I have also finally added a 'Van Life' category, as due to vehicle issues, we are using the Van for days out.

The Main Blog

Read all about it!! Take a look at what we have been doing in our Land Rovers as we rampage up and down the country. Its no wonder they are falling apart.

A look at the cars

The vehicles we are running right now. It seems to be an ever changing vehicle lineup.


Check out some of the cool gear we take with us - complete with reviews, pictures and links.


Citizens Band Radio. A look at this lost form of communication. COMING SOON


Are USB devices the traveler’s saviour?

12 Volt Power

I am building a 12v Power Distribution Board to work alongside a Dual Battery system. Follow my progress here!

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