Why Land Rovers?

As far back as I can remember I have had an interest in 4×4 vehicles. At primary school, I had a yellow matchbox size 4×4 with a removable roof rack. I have no idea what car make it was, but I used to make up adventure stories based around this toy. As I got older, I discovered the Camel Trophy and watched all the video tapes of the various events. The Land Rover brand reeked of adventure and I wanted one. Like most fans of the brand, I wanted a Defender or a Range Rover. Although we had an old Range Rover Vogue SE (1992 J reg) for a time, for one reason or another we ended up with Freelanders. I say we, I mean my father. I didn’t own one personally until 2011, but I used his cars constantly. He had the Range, then a brand new 50th Anniversary Freelander 1 (S reg), this was followed by a Y reg (2001) TD4 Freelander 1. I have subsequently inherited the TD4 following the passing of my Dad in 2013. I had a V reg Freelander 1 petrol Ebay disaster followed by a 54 plate 1.8 petrol facelifted Freelander 1. This, along with Dad’s TD4, I still have.

We decided to show my youngest daughter some of the country she lives in so at weekends, we pack up and disappear on Day Trips around the UK. So far we have explored Norfolk, the Peak District, the Cotswolds, parts of the South Coast, London, some of the West Country, almost all of Leicestershire, the East Midlands, Warwickshire and parts of Cambridgeshire. There is a lot more to go, so we decided to document it right here. It serves as a reminder for us and a guide for others. Please enjoy!