The AAAs anyone who has ever owned a Land Rover will know, they do tend to break down on occasion. This is not a slur on the brand, but owing to the type of activities we drivers participate in, it will inevitably take a toll on the vehicles. Not being a mechanic of any worth, an emergency service membership is as valuable as any tool kit. I had joined the AA back in the 1980s, but thanks to a series of company cars, I didn’t need any such service for a while. I am now a gold card member of the AA. Its not a status thing, just an age thing! Once you have been with them over a certain amount of years, you get a shiny card. Very nice! They have helped us out no end of times, including flat-bedding me off the M6 when the TD4 packed up in the outside lane a couple of years ago. The guys who work for the AA are personable and know their stuff. Just for fun, below are some of the call outs we have had to make over the years.

As a footnote, we had not had the Discovery Sport for more than a year when we had the AA out to it! Details coming shortly.