2022 Update

Since the start of Covid, these updates seem to be the only Posts I am making! Luckily, this year is looking brighter on the Covid front. Most of us are now vaccinated (at the time of writing I have had 3 jabs myself, and the family are all fully vaccinated as well). This should allow us to get out and about a bit more. We still have to be careful if Ash comes with us though as his chemotherapy makes him incredibly vulnerable to any illness. On the upside, he is still with us!

On the car front, the Discovery Sport has now been sold and the Freelander 1 is now back on the road. I am not sure the Freelander will cope with lots of long trips, but we will give it a go until we get another vehicle.

Unfortunately, we were being far too optomistic on teh Freelander front. Despite over £3000 worth of work, my initial assessment that there was a head gasket issue turned out to be correct. The poor little car lasted a couple of months and is now waiting for some more work to be done. I am optomistic, however, that it will once again be back on the road! Consequently, our days out have been a bit limited, for that, and other, reasons. However, there is a bright side – a new vehicle has been acquired! Not a 4×4 sadly, but a fun vehicle nonetheless – we now own a Ford Transit Van! Yay! Its a 2011 short wheelbase, low roof (L1H1) front wheel drive, and I am having much fun usining it as a rokr horse that can also be used as a day to day and days out vehicle. Whilst not striclt in the 4×4 category, it still fits the bill in terms of ‘Adventures To Be Had’, so until the Freelander is back in business I will make a few postings about our new Van Life!

Keep your eyes peeled on social media as we are planning more YouTube and Instagram content, and I may even get round to finishing off the Scottish trip blog on here…..

Until next time!