Scotland – Prelude

Twas The Night Before Scotland, When All Through The House…..I was expecting chaos, but all was quiet.

The preceding days, however, were a different story. Getting prepared is a nightmare. The crossbars for the roof rails didn’t arrive until a day before departure, then I had to mount said roof box. This involved math, and measuring. The crossbars have explicit instructions on how far apart and how level they must be. It was not like the ones that came with the Freelander! I got it done eventually, with a little last minute help bolting down the roof box itself.

Next came the filling of the roof box. Again, everything had to be weighed and evenly distributed which is no easy task. Having a glass panoramic roof meant we could only hold so much weight on the roof rails, which includes the weight of the cross bars and roof box itself. I managed to sort it, with 10 kg to spare.

Packing was a different matter. Suffice to say, things got heated, words were exchanged, items were removed, but we got there in the end.

The night before lift off was remarkably quiet. The car was fueled, packed and ready. Coordinates were laid into the sat nav, and we all got an early(ish) night.

The Far North awaits…..