Freelander 1

For the first time in a very long time (we are talking well over a year), this weekend I fired up the old Freelander 1 TD4. I keep the battery out and charge it every couple of months to ensure it stays fresh, but I was getting concerned about the vehicle It has sat there stationary for too many months, and it now looks like it belongs on the set of the Walking Dead. The fuel in it must be at least 4 years old, and the water is all clogged with oil thanks to the head gasket needing to be replaced. I checked the water, and the level was stable as I had put all sorts of liquid gasket sealant repair fluids in over the years. Seemed to have at least held for this long, despite not looking like they had worked initially.

I put the battery in, then got behind the wheel and turned the key to the first position. All the lights came on which was a good sign. I pumped the accelerator pedal a couple of times and then turned the key. After a few seconds, the engine sprang to life!

The old girl is looking very tired. The headlining is sagging and a bit mouldy, the car needs a damn good clean, and it will need an MOT before returning to the road. I’m sure lots of welding may also be required, along with brakes, tyres, wipers, engine fluids – and, of course, a new head gasket. A project that possibly should have been done last year in lock-down I think, but better late than never.

Keep your eye out for progress reports a this is going to be a long haul….