2021 Update

We are now dipping into the start of March, and the lock-down here in the UK is still in full force. To say we are all getting itchy feet is a massive understatement! There is talk of easing lock-down in April, dependent upon certain criteria being reached. Schools go back this week, so we will see if another Covid spike occurs, which would again delay our release! With vaccinations in full swing now, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a government promise that things will return to some sort of normality in late June. It will be interesting to see whether or not this actually happens, as policies on Covid change like the weather. With that in mind, a lot of planning is afoot in our household. As it looks like foreign travel will need to be avoided for a while longer, a ‘Staycation’ along with many day trips and over-niter’s are in the pipeline.

The cars are not enjoying being stationary. The Freelander is actually growing moss on it! Once the weather cheers up, I will give them both a good valeting and see if we can sort the old Hippo out and make her roadworthy again. We are gearing up for some Country Fairs in the summer, and the camping gear is getting dusted down. I even risked investing in a new 2021 AA road map. A good idea? Ask me in 6 months time…..