Greenlaning in Leicester 2019

As 2019 was dwindling away, and Election chaos was in the air, we decided to take a time out and look for some fun back roads and Green Lanes to try out. Not limited t any one particular day, we spent a bit of time looking for places we had not been before. One was (is) literally just down the road from us and is an impressive, yet driveable, ford. This is on Scoborough Road,just outside Theddingworth on the way to Market Harborough.


Do NOT try this without a capable vehicle. The water flows well and is deeper than it looks. The road itself is also hard on the suspension, but good fun nonetheless. The other lanes were in the east/north east of Leicestershire. I will post co-ordinates as soon as I work them out. Pictures also to follow (and hopefully a video!).

Muddy Ruts!