Cobra CB Radio

1-9, 1-9 for a Copy. Is anyone out there…..?

No. Nope. Nada. No-one and nothing is out there! Frankly, a disastrous purchase. I beg all of you to rush out and buy a ‘rig’ just so we can have some free chatting whilst adventuring. Aside from a couple of mental Gloucestershire farmers and the odd Polish trucker, we have not picked up anything on our little Cobra 19 DX IV EU Citizens Band (CB, for those in the know) radio.

My idea of 1970’s ‘Convoy’ style Rubber Duck action has been dashed by the mobile phone. I even had a special steel bracket made that fits behind the spare wheel to hold the antenna (let me know if you want one, they can be made to order for a very reasonable price). To make this work, I had to attach an Artificial Ground Plane which can be purchased online. It looks very cool and when you go to car parks with low ceilings, the antenna sparks like a dodgem!

To be fair to the CB manufacturer, this could well be a case of us not having a clue how to set it up. Since originally writing this, I now have 2 more CB’s. One is in my garage and the other is a portable, handheld, unit that looks like a big Walkie-Talkie. I have left the cobra unit permanently in the old Freelander, and use the handheld in the new car. Turns out we had got it right, just there are virtually zero CB users out there!

We are always listening out on channel 19 should you care to make contact