Haynes Manual

haynes1Anyone who has owned an old car has heard about Haynes Manual’s. Anyone who does or has owned a Land Rover will have purchased one before purchasing their car. Haynes Manual 5571 is the number of the combined manual for the original and facelifted Freelander 1. If its broke, then fix it – and to fix it you need this. I have may of these manuals (my first ever Mini back in the 80’s, the Range Rover, Ford Fiesta and a couple of others) and all of them are interesting in their own right. I have found that with this manual, I have had to use it in earnest rather than just on the odd occasion. I also have a CD called ‘Rave’ which has the actual Land Rover documentation for fixing Freelander’s, but this book is totally invaluable.

To find one for your vehicle, check out their web site at www.haynes.com. There is also a manual available for the original Freelander, before the facelift (1997 to 2003) although this is a little harder to find, and is available as an electronic download from the Haynes site. These manuals vary in price with between £15 and £20 seemingly being the norm at time of writing.